Power Washing

At OLI Outdoor Services, we have a  team of pressure washers that can make even the grittiest of places gleam with cleanliness!

Are you fed up by the dirt, dust, oil marks and trash can marks that can build up around driveways and pathways?

At OLI Outdoor Services, we will make those a thing of the past, and restore pathways, driveways, and other areas as back to gleaming conditions!

Wellness should always be your number one objective. If you want your health to be the best in St Peters, MO, Godfrey, IL and Hartford, IL and the surrounding areas, overall, then our power washing is the answer. Our power washing services can reduce hazardous elements such as  mildew, dust and pollen. If you want to avoid pollutants and feel your best no matter what, our service is the exact thing you need. It can help you feel your best regardless of the environmental factors that may be around you.

Call us for very our competitive prices and reliable and professional services.
It’s worth it and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

You can call (314) 899-6628 in Missouri, or (618) 254-7507 in Illinois.