Emergency Storm Services

Let Our Experts Help You with your Storm-related Damage

Hurricanes are among the most powerful forces of nature. If your home is in the path of a hurricane or any other severe storm, you may be left with significant tree damage. Damage this severe can make a property unsafe, that is why it is critical that qualified, licensed and insured arborists perform the services.

Oli Outdoor Services is suited for storm work – they are licensed, certified, and masters of the trade. Additionally, Oli Outdoor Services are trained to work in heightened conditions, such as after a hurricane or severe storm.

Meanwhile, our staff will continue to communicate with all parties, assuring that the insurance adjusters receive all critical documentation.

Board Up Your Property To Prevent Further Destruction

If a tree falls on your home, the damage can be catastrophic. After ensuring your family is safe, securing your home is the next critical task. If your home’s doors and windows have been broken or damaged, you need professional emergency board-up services.

Oli Outdoor Services can board up your windows and doors to prevent any additional rain and wind damage to the interior, as well as theft.

Temporary Roof Tarp Installation

When a tree comes crashing down onto a home, the property becomes vulnerable to the elements. Rain, sleet, insects, wind and other outside factors can create additional damage.

If a home has experienced this kind of damage, it is important to install a temporary roof tarp over the damaged section as soon as possible. Typically, this occurs after Oli Outdoor Services has removed the tree from the structure.

Roof tarp installation is not a simple, do-it-yourself project. In fact, it is incredibly dangerous. Our staff are knowledgeable on tarp installation and the safety measures that are required while working on Oli Outdoor Services jobs.

If a home needs a temporary roof tarp prior to tree removal (which is generally a request only during CAT Response) let our staff know, we will send our staff out to the property as quickly as possible. After the removal, we will install additional roof tarps, as needed.

Emergency Tree Removal

Tree removal is hazardous. When that removal becomes a emergency removal and removal from roof, the job is much more complex. That is why it is so important that the crew performing services is not only licensed and insured, but highly qualified and extraordinarily safety oriented.

We hand pick our staff, assuring that they are licensed, certified, and qualified to work in these heighten conditions.

Our goal is to make the process quick and easy for our customers – it is why we invest in understanding the wants and needs of the insurance and arboriculture industries, and why we serve as the one-point-of-contact for all parties. Tree removal services are complex, hazardous, and evolving. We understand the trade and what it will take to fulfill the tree claim in the safest way possible.