Tree Trimming & Pruning

Tree Trimming & Pruning Services In Florissant, MO, Godfrey, Il, & Surrounding Areas

We all know how beautiful trees are and how they can improve the landscape on your property. Yet even these lovely creations of nature need a bit of care from time to time.

OLI Outdoor Services provides top-quality tree trimming services in Godfrey, Il, Florissant, MO, & surrounding areas. Trees that are trimmed properly have a neater and more balanced visual appearance. This also makes them less prone to falling, meaning tree trimming can actually be a wise investment in terms of safety.

If a branch breaks off, it could cause serious damage to your roof, vehicle, or property. If the tree is large enough, it can even end up causing damage to neighboring property, resulting in serious liability for the owner.

Trimmed trees are also less likely to suffer from diseases which can spread to lawns and other nearby plants. Trimming can help a tree focus its nutrients on strong sections rather than decaying ones. This can help homeowners avoid costly and invasive fixes such as full tree removals.

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